Financial Planning Services in Houston, TX

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Now that you’re gaining momentum in your life and career, you’ve moved beyond the “I’ll just wing it” stage of your financial life. You need a real plan for making the most of your money–saving for college, buying a home, maximizing your employee benefits, and getting on track for retirement. Together, we’ll design a financial plan that keeps you organized, lays groundwork to reach your goals, and prepares you for all the things you haven’t yet considered. While the financial blueprint is the starting point, our ongoing relationship is arguably the greatest value–supporting you in making informed financial decisions throughout your life.

College Savings Planning

Based on current projections, it’ll cost nearly $200,000 to send a child to a 4-year college in 18 years. Even if you want your child to have some skin in the game when it comes to contributing to the cost, you’re best off saving for college now. By working together, you’ll understand your savings options, select an account that’s right for your goals, and get it funded right away. Let’s make a plan to give your child a future without student loan debt.

About This Site

Leah Manderson is a fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ based in Houston, Texas, who designs financial plans for young families to build wealth and secure their future.