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My love of investing and finance started when my witty Southern grandmother famously scolded me for buying the wrong brand of toothpaste. She owned stock in the brand’s competitor, and made sure I never forgot it.  This early lesson has stuck with me to this day.

Why do I tell that story?

Because when parents and grandparents have their money figured out, those values are passed down for generations.

That’s why I wanted to become a financial planner, and why I do this work today.


My financial planning career started at a national brokerage firm where I served clients whose assets ranged from $0 to $100 million. After the birth of my son, I launched my own firm to handle the needs of families like mine.

Since I face them myself, I am acutely aware of the financial issues of young families. I know the complexity of fitting everything in–big savings goals like houses, college and retirement, to an annual vacation and some little luxuries along the way. I also know just how impactful financial planning can be for today, tomorrow, and generations from now.

So, if you are a 30-something family feeling a overwhelmed by all of the financial to-do’s you’re suddenly facing, I can help you grow your wealth and live well.


I design financial plans that reflect your family’s values, how you live, all the things you want to do, and all the things you haven’t thought of yet. I help organize your many competing priorities, get clarity your options, and make smart decisions. 

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(TM), I have completed extensive training, testing, and experience required to hold this credential. Additionally, I have taken an oath to be a fiduciary, meaning I must always act in your best interest. I take this very seriously.

I believe that by having a plan for your finances, you can live well today, secure your future for tomorrow, grow your wealth, and set the stage for prosperity for generations to come.

I would love to work with your family. Please contact me using the form below.

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Leah Manderson is a fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ based in Houston, Texas, who designs financial plans for young families to build wealth and secure their future.